1. Is bank loan available to purchase the property?

YES, Loan facility available from nationalized and private Banks.

2. Can I refer this to any of my friends?

YES. You are welcome to refer as many people as possible to avail this exciting and lucrative investment opportunity.

3. Will the property be registered to my name immediately?

YES. It will be.

4. What is the status of the land now?

All the approvals have been received pertaining to conversion and plan approvals, earth work is in progress.

5. Can I get a refund if I drop the plan of buying?

YES, your payment refund will be processed within 15 days without any penalty, deductions and without any interest paid.

6. Can I get a receipt?

YES, you will get receipt or sale agreement.

7. Is the plan approved by any authorities?

YES, Plan is approved by Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) authorities & by Govt of Karnataka.

8. Are there any residential layouts around the proposed project?

YES, Karnataka Housing Board, Private developers and housing societies are in the process of allocating more than 7000 sites in that locality leading to from a huge new township. Govt of Karnataka has allotted land for the development of new satellite town in that vicinity.

9. Are there any schools nearby?

YES, CBSC and ICSE Schools are at around 5 km distance.

10. Does the proposed project have any connectivity to major roads?

The project is located in between H.D Kote state highway and Nanjangud Ooty National highway within reach of around 5 km distance.

Why should I buy a site in Manasa and is there any appreciation for my investment?

– YES, Value additions are, currently the only project in the locality to have modern amenities.

– Coffee shop for public to create a new land mark.

– A school for the poor and needy as social responsibility.

– Civic amenity sites to be utilized ASAP for the development of the layout.

– Above value addition facilities create interest in people to construct houses ASAP, increases the traffic and people movement. Over all development of the layout accelerates, ultimately increasing the property value.